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Moshi Muse 12" MacBook Carry Case

Moshi Muse 12" MacBook Carry Case


Please Note: Product Packaging has been damaged/opened. Product itself is unaffected.

Progressively designed and exquisitely tailored, Muse is the perfect fit for your MacBook and your on-the-go lifestyle. With its zipper-less and velcro-free design, Muse allows you to stow away and take out your MacBook without worrying about scratching its pristine finish.

It's SlipGrip design also acts as a safety harness to prevent the MacBook from accidentally slipping out of the sleeve even when turned upside down. The inner layer of Muse is made with Moshi's proprietary Tetrahedron microfibre that will remove smears and fingerprints with in-situClean technology while your MacBook sits comfortably inside. Its suede-like outer layer is padded to offer extra protection against minor scrapes and bumps. Muse also comes with an outer pouch for convenient storage of adapters and cables.

  • Soft Terahedron™ microfibre inner lining cradles and cleans your device
  • SlipGrip™ opening prevents computer from accidentally slipping out of the sleeve
  • Durable and stain-resistant padded exterior
  • Zipper-less and velcro-free to eliminate chances of scratching
  • Convenient outer pocket for storage of adapters and cables